Commit makes yarns out of superior quality polyester film that conforms to ISO 9002 standards. The polyester film is aluminium metalized under vacuum and then color coated with resin by high technique. This protective coating improves the lustre of the yarn and guarantees inter-alterability, in time. The uniform thickness, high clarity, extra gloss and superior strength of the polyester film enable it to withstand the harsh effects of salty water, chlorinated water and rough climatic conditions. Our yarns enjoy a reputation for excellent quality and lasting beauty.

Metallic yarns made by Commit are used in most domains of the textile industry such as circular and flat frame knitting, weaving, hosiery and embroidery. In addition, they also serve as a component in textile accessories, including military regalia, apparel, braids, laces, ribbons, and upholstery.

The highly-diversified product range includes yarns which are resistant/non-resistant to dyeing and finishing procedures. The yarns are easily available in the shades depicted on this website, though special colors can be supplied on request. Following international preferences, our export packing and quality is of the Japanese type.

In ancient times, only gold and silver metallic yarns were available and were reserved for the use of the elite. Commit now adds an egalitarian touch to the fashion world by supplying its decorative products at highly competitive rates.

With its unequalled range of world-class metalized yarns, it is no wonder that Commit exports its products to all corners of the globe. The advanced technology that Commit uses has resulted in yarns with a superior finish that is much sought after by its discerning clientele.

Our commitment to quality and innovation offers an obvious advantage in terms of greater work efficiency, a rich variety of products, and elimination of knots and yarn breakage during weaving and knitting operations. The product range has been steadily expanded to include all the popular speciality yarns.