ST Type rounded or gimp yarn is produced by wrapping a metallic yarn around a core yarn. Any metallised coloured yarn that’s 12 microns can be rounded on rayon or any other thread denier as required to create a fully covered round looking metallic yarn. These yarns are used extensively in many branches of the textile industry from wide width weaving to narrow ribbons, military regalia, embroidery, braids, knitting, cords, ropes, twisting, trimmings, and leavers lace surface liner gimp decoration.

The metallic portion of the yarn here fully covers a polyamide / nylon or polyester heat set core yarn. These yarns or embroidery threads are specially made for use on modern milyi-head embroidery machines, where speed is an important factor to facilitate smooth running. A special yarn lubricant is applied to these yarns. It is supplied on cones of 125 grams net and / or 250 grams net weight yarn.