Commit makes a range of paper products like Notebooks, Registers, Files & Folders, Writing Pads and Duplicate Books. All these products are manufactured using different types of paper, card-paper, and cardboard. We specialize in products that are economically prized coupled with timely delivery. This is particularly important for clients from the African continent where the economics of the products are crucial in winning business. Our unique selling proposition is that we tailor the quality of our product for every price point, region, market and target audience.

Products such as notebooks, registers, writing pads, files, folders and duplicate books are used in every office environment and educational institution. It would be safe to say that there are not many environments where these products are not used.

The product range is such that it is made to adapt to the import country preferences of ruling format, size, page count, cover design, language and logo. In certain cases, we have even printed the maps of the country, mathematical tables, conversion tables or specific school requirements on the cover of the notebooks.

We posses high speed automatic production lines that deliver consistent quality and finish. We are capable of handling a high value volume of production in a very short time. This also allows us to offer our products at highly competitive rates.